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2015 JUNE

María Cañas. Solo exhibition at CAAC, Sevilla

María Cañas. Solo exhibition at CAAC, Sevilla

Laughter in the dark, solo show, within exhibition session Archive sickness. Curated by Juan Antonio Alvarez Reyes. 

In these current times of sweeping political and social change, having a suspicious attitude towards images is essential if we hope to activate our present. This show, an instalment of the exhibition session Archive Sickness, documents a large part of the artist´s career:videocollages made of found footage, photocollages, photomontages and objets of this artist, who defines herself as a plunderer of icons and weaver of "glocal" (global + local) narratives that swim against the tide.

Jun 19 . Oct. 11, 2015



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